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Printing Ink Manufacturers in Ambattur

Roto Gravure T/B inks

Surface printing inks for treated films

ROTO GRAVURE/ HI GLOSS INKS have been carefully formulated for GRAVURE Printing respectively, satisfying the demand of high gloss and high print strength on a wide range of substrates.



ROTO GRAVURE/ HI GLOSS Inks may be printed on a wide range of films, these inks have good adhesion to treated Polyethylene, BOPP & Polypropylene films. The recommended treatment level for Polythene & Polypropylene films is at least 38 to 40 Dynes/cm to ensure good adhesion and Tape resistance properties.


ROTO GRAVURE/ HI GLOSS inks tolerate a fairly wide range of reducer to accommodate variation in press speeds and conditions. The usual reducer for Roto gravure inks is a blend of IPA & Toluene Roto Gravure/HI Gloss inks where improved resistance towards Fat, De-Freeze, Alkali, Oils & Ghee is required modified inks are provided. ROTO GRAVURE/ HI GLOSS inks are not expected to offer Heat resistance. To enable Heat sealing on the printed area.


A variety of standard colours are available. Specific shades are matched on demand and is only restriction on pigment suitable for resistance properly requirement.

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